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Beetech Dongle400
Beetech Dongle400 One single SKU covering major countries and regions globally. Super light and compact 4G industrial dongle.
Beetech  MF833V
Beetech MF833V MF833V is a smart 4G USB modem covering global bands. It is widely applied in healthcare, drones, AR remote training, smart apartment management, AI robots mobile management and enterprise network encryption.
Beetech  MF833U1
Beetech MF833U1 MF833U1 is a smart 4G USB modem, covering China operator's 4G frequency. It is widely applied in drones, AR remote training, AI robots and B2B customer VPN network.
Wireless temperature vibration sensor VA320
Wireless temperature vibration sensor VA320 Industrial Wireless Temperature and Vibration Integrated Sensor.The built-in high-precision triaxial acceleration sensor and dual channel temperature sensor can simultaneously collect the velocity effective value (intensity), true peak acceleration, effective peak acceleration and shell temperature data in the vertical, horizontal and axial directions, and monitor the working state and heating state of the equipment in real time.
Wireless temperature vibration sensor VA330
Wireless temperature vibration sensor VA330 An intelligent terminal that can monitor the vibration status and heating status of equipment operation, not only has strong edge computing ability, processes the collected original vibration data into key characteristic values, configures ISO20186 standard, simply evaluates the health level of mechanical equipment operation, but also provides wave shaped big data, and locates specific faults such as imbalance, misalignment and bearing wear with the help of upper computer software analysis and diagnosis function.

BeiJing Beetech Inc. (Stock Code: 300667), founded in 2005, is a provider of intelligent sensors and photoelectric instruments, system solutions and application services. It focuses on advanced sensing technology and is committed to providing efficient and accurate data for industrial, urban management and scientific research customers.


In terms of technology, the company uses the known sensing technologies such as photosensitivity and force sensitivity to promote the development of new smart sensors in the direction of wireless, miniaturization, embedding and edge computing; In terms of products, the technical performance indicators of a number of products independently developed and produced, such as wireless sensor network series products, metallized optical fibers, MEMS pressure sensor chips, general grating spectrometers, fluorescence spectrometers, Raman spectrometers, precision displacement control units and OLED/LCD display device light color evaluation systems, have reached a high level in China, and some indicators have reached an international high level; In terms of application, industry solutions have achieved mature applications in the fields of intelligent manufacturing, digital oil fields, smart grids, 3C manufacturing, cold chain logistics, data connectivity and shipping, and have expanded to smart cities, water conservancy, agriculture, food and drug safety, automotive electronics and other fields.

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