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Remote Healthcare
Providing remote data connectivity for implantable cardiac devices via 4G Dongle, allowing physicians to keep track of a patient's pacemaker operating status.
  • AI robot mobile assistant
    Provide stable real-time 4G data connection for autonomous navigation and artificial intelligence interaction of intelligent robot.
  • Modular inkjet 4G connector
    Providing a true solution for commercial printing solutions, providing a reliable 4G data connection for terminal-controlled printing devices, supporting outdoor scenarios for operation, matching real-time production variables and recording all data for verification of production completion.
  • Sports timing systems and services assistant
    Provide stable and reliable 4G data connection for sports timing system; Suitable for outdoor mobile scenarios.
  • Smart apartment IOT connection
    Provide a reliable and stable 4G cellular network is for the smart apartment HUB, which is connected with intelligent switches and intelligent appliances to achieve remote control and management of the living environment, reduce maintenance costs and improve users' living experience. ​
  • Industrial router back up
    Provide low-latency, stable and reliable Internet connectivity when there is no fixed-line infrastructure or temporary need for network connectivity, network data exchange, VPN services and secure and flexible network management.