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Good news | bichuang technology won the second prize of

Issuing time: 2022-06-08      Hit count:1111

Recently, the China Association for the promotion of industry university research cooperation announced the selection results of "China industry university research cooperation innovation and promotion in 2021". The scientific research project "research and application of key technologies of intelligent monitoring system based on industrial cloud", led by Peking University and jointly applied by Beijing bichuang Technology Co., Ltd., won the second prize of innovation achievements of China's industry university research cooperation.

China industry university research cooperation innovation and promotion award is an award approved by the Ministry of science and technology and the national science and Technology Award Office. It is an honorary award for collaborative innovation in China's industry university research community. The award has played an important role in promoting the establishment of a technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body, market orientation and deep integration of industry, University and research, and has been recognized by the scientific and technological circles, industry, education, financial circles and all walks of life.

Innovative achievements

Bichuang technology has been deeply engaged in photosensitive, force sensitive and other sensing technologies for many years, developed a variety of ultra-low power wireless intelligent sensors, accumulated a number of key technologies of intelligent sensors, including intelligent data acquisition and control technology, dual core synchronization technology, wireless sensor network technology, etc., and promoted the development of new intelligent sensors in the direction of wireless, miniaturization, embedding and edge computing.

Through years of cooperation with Peking University, bichuang technology has jointly developed and accumulated advanced data processing methods in the field of industrial monitoring, as well as a number of digital monitoring systems based on the industrial cloud platform, which have been successfully applied in the fields of intelligent manufacturing, digital oil field, smart grid, 3C manufacturing, cold chain logistics, data connection and ships.

In the development and application of products and systems, it has completed a number of invention patents, software works or the formulation of international and